Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in USA
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Fanon Writer
  • I am Male
  • RuleroftheBisons97

    Hello everyone, I am RuleroftheBisons97, the admin of this Wiki. I came here to find a disappointment and made it my mission to overthrow the founder and take control. MUAHAHAHAHA. Nah, I just decided to help and successfully adopted the wiki after I couldn't find the founder. Not to brag, but I created (borrowed from other wikis) the templates and the current layout for characters and episodes. I have big things planned, but I need all of your help and support.

    No one really edits these which is a shame since they're probably the most viewed articles. I alone cannot edit the episodes which is why I need all of you to create an in-depth plot summaries. I also don't have much knowledge of DC Entertainment comic book characters, so please fil…

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