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Hello everyone, I am RuleroftheBisons97, the admin of this Wiki. I came here to find a disappointment and made it my mission to overthrow the founder and take control. MUAHAHAHAHA. Nah, I just decided to help and successfully adopted the wiki after I couldn't find the founder. Not to brag, but I created (borrowed from other wikis) the templates and the current layout for characters and episodes. I have big things planned, but I need all of your help and support.


No one really edits these which is a shame since they're probably the most viewed articles. I alone cannot edit the episodes which is why I need all of you to create an in-depth plot summaries. I also don't have much knowledge of DC Entertainment comic book characters, so please fill out the DC references. When creating new pages, a layout will already be provdided. Use Legendary Sandwich, Pie Bros, Girl's Night Out, and Starliar for examples.


The transcripts don't have to be descriptive. Don't describe the change in background except for minor things. All we really need is the dialogue. Example: Second Christmas/Transcript.


Please upload any images you find and add them to their respective episode galleries. Place them in chronological order with a caption underneath. Use Meatball Party/Gallery as an example.

Images without the Cartoon Network logo are preferred, like this one:

Starfire the Terrible and Robin stuck in wall

Title cards MUST be free of all things except for the episode title and image. Add them to Title cards/Gallery.

Episode Images

These images will be displayed on the template and must represent the main aspect of the episode. For example, as Pie Bros is about Beast Boy and Cyborg it will be unwised to place one of Robin or Raven. Some images may represent an image better than the one currently displayed. If so, please notify an admin on the forum and the community will discuss the image proposed. Only admins may change an episode image on the template.


For character articles, do NOT include relationships or events from outside sources (i.e. Teen Titans) except for background. For a high quality character article, visit the Jinx page.


Users who want to be admins, rollback users, and chat moderaters status must have at least edited on the wiki for seven consecutive days. They must also have at least 30 edits and create or completely fill out three articles which will be reviewed on your contributions page. Alerting an admin (currently just me) to inappropiate comments will be eligible to be a rollback user. After becoming a rollback user, editing more articles and continuing to alert admins for inapporpiate comments will be able to ask for admin status. For more details visit the Forum. I'll create that as soon as possible.

Logo & Chat

If you are skilled in creating wiki logos, please create one for the wiki. This may also result in rollback status. If you know how Wiki works, please inform me how to change the Live! Chat title to something else. I've seen it changed in the Total Drama Wiki and Avatar Wiki.

Tower Report

Tower Report is an upcoming Teen Titans Go! Wiki Newsletter. Those skilled in coding can ask me to become a part of the group to oversee this monthly newsletter. Include episode reviews, upcoming episodes, news on the wiki (such as new admins), and more.


Create organizations! These groups will consist of at least five users who oversee their area of expertise. For example, one group will oversee all episode pages while another may sort pictures to see if they meet the expectations. If you want to become a part of the group, update at least three complete pages of the area you wish to be a part of. For example, update three episode pages if you want to be/create the episode group. Currently, no organizations have be created so first come, first served. Every member of a group will be uploaded to a rollback user.


Anyone will be able to create blogs. However, the wiki's official blogs containing episode reviews will be moderated by the episode reviw organization.


Thank you for your help and support in making this wiki as successful as can be! If you wish to create a group/organization, start editing and contact me! Thank You!

-RuleroftheBisons97, 10/14/13, 10:57 am.

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