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"Wait, are you sure this is a virtual reality machine and not some souped-up video game?"
Cyborg criticizing Robin's virtual reality room.

"Video Game References"




Original air date

16 April 2015

Running Time

11:20 (minutes)


1.804 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Michael Jelenic, Aaron Horvath

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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Teen Titans Go! - "Video Game References" (clip)

Teen Titans Go! - "Video Game References" (clip)

"Video Game References" is the thirty-ninth episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the ninety-first episode overall. It first aired on 16 April 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Robin sets up a virtual reality room for training purposes, immersing each Titan in their own video game adventure.[1]


TTG Video Game References 30

For training purposes, Robin tells the Titans to visit a world of imagination.

Robin excitedly introduces the Teen Titans to the virtual reality room, but the others aren't as amused. He explains that the room will simulate any environment imaginable which the Titans deem cool until Robin reveals it was designed to be used for training purposes. He asks the Titans if they are ready to enter a world of imagination and places a cartridge into a slot that transforms the room into an 8-bit style world. Cyborg criticizes the graphics and says it looks like a video game. Robin protests that it's not a video game and reveals he set up individual missions for the Titans and tells Starfire she is up first.

TTG Video Game References 14

Starfire meets new friendly friends in her level, and, instead of battling the evil wizard, wants to dance.

Starfire is transported to a game known as Starfire's Quest: The Legend of the Legendary Quest. She enters a cave where she meets an Old man who offers her a wooden sword for use in her journey. Starfire declines the offer, reassuring the man that she'll be fine. He protests, saying that Starfire cannot be alone during her quest, but Starfire reminds him that he is alone as well. He tells her that his wife used to visit before she left him and Starfire awkwardly says she must continue her quest. The old man wallows in self-pity and Starfire offers that he comes along with her and he decides to use the wooden sword and accompany her. As soon as they exit the cave, they are attacked by squid-like creatures. The old man attempts to attack, but is doused in ink and cowers behind Starfire. Starfire claims that the land squids only want scratches and, after she scratches them, they begin dancing. One land squid decides to join Starfire and the old man and they continue on their quest. They come across a distressed woman chasing a chicken named Coocalacka who pleads for Starfire to grab her chicken. The old man volunteers to handle the situation, but is scratched by the chicken. The woman begs Starfire to catch her chicken and promises to reward her with an empty bottle. Starfire acknowledges that the reward is useless, but scratches Coocalacka, effectively catching him. They begin dancing in celebration and Coocalacka joins Starfire's party. The old man connects Starfire to the hero from the legend and tells her that she is destined to defeat the villain. Starfire says that she only wants to dance and gathers other enemies while on her quest. However, as she was dancing, the Evil Wizard takes over the world.

TTG Video Game References 12

In his level, Beast Boy turns into a frog but has failed many times to cross the road.

Beast Boy is next and his level is Cross the Street, much to his protest as he claims that he can do much harder things. He decides to transform into a frog, but is run over by cars and, at one point, eaten by a snake. He decides to use the crosswalk but is still run over. Beast Boy wonders why no one would let a frog cross the road and decides to transform into a chicken. He manages to cross the road and shows off, but is eaten by a crocodile when he nears a river.

TTG Video Game References 09

Raven is a ghost in her level and she and three other ghosts try to stop Circle Guy.

Raven's level is called Circle Guy and she and three duplicates of herself are inside a box when she spots Circle Guy eating their balls. Angered, Raven orders them to attack, but the other three go off in separate directions. She goes up to them and instructs them to attack in a formation. They pursue Circle Guy, but he eats a ball that causes him to go insane. Raven orders a retreat, but Circle Guy succeeds in eating Stinky, the slowest member of her group, saddening her. She promises to never forget Stinky and they surround Circle Guy. However, Circle Gal emerges from nowhere and succeeds in eating Raven and her allies. She kisses Circle Guy in celebration as Raven sighs in defeat.

TTG Video Game References 04

In his level, Cyborg tries to visit a pie store while dealing with a spy.

Cyborg's level is Pie Hunter and he drives the T-Car onto the road where reckless cars begin driving pass him. Cyborg talks to himself, telling the cars off by saying he's going the posted speed limit and to drive around him. One car tailgates Cyborg and bumps into him, causing them to swerve off the road. The other driver, Tailgater Johnny, tells Cyborg he will pay for the damages, but Cyborg protests that the accident isn't his fault. He tells Cyborg not to involve insurance and that he will pay for the repairs in cash, but Cyborg refuses. Johnny drives off and Cyborg spots a billboard advertising pies. However, Johnny, upset that the wreck will mess up his record, begins shooting at Cyborg. Cyborg reenters the T-Car and drives off as Johnny pursues him. He hits a pothole and swerves, crashing into a tree. Cyborg parks the T-Car in front of the pie shop and celebrates his victory until Johnny, now in a helicopter, destroys the T-Car and the pie shop, leaving Cyborg devastated.

TTG Video Game References 01

In his level, Robin tries to find the princess until he enters a sewage pipe, disgusting him.

Robin's level is Save the Princess, Bros. He comes across a turtle and jumps on it until the shell disappears. Upon spotting a block, he hits it and retrieves money, exciting him. He keeps on hitting the block until he gets dizzy and reminds himself that he has to save the princess and to avoid any distractions. He hops up a ledge where he finds a sewage pipe and wonders where it leads to. Robin reminds himself to not focus on distractions and moves on, but his curiosity gets the better of him. He goes back to the sewage pipe and jumps in, but becomes disgusted by the inside of it. He berates himself for jumping inside a sewage pipe when the level shows a screen that reads, "Game Over!"


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Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Distressed woman  
Hynden Walch Starfire
Trevor Devall Old man  
Spy villain  
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut





  • Robin dresses up as Indiana Jones when he uses the word "adventure" to describe the virtual reality room.
  • Robin's virtual reality cartidge and in-game animation is a reference to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Him blowing on the cartidge to make it work is a reference to what most people did to make the games continue working when there was an error in the system.
  • Starfire's level, The Legend of Starfire: Legend of the Legendary Quest, is a reference to The Legend of Zelda franchise.
    • References include the popular quote and meme, "It's dangerous to go alone!", creatures resembling Octoroks, and and the chicken being named Coocalacka, named after Cuccos, the name for chickens in the franchise.
  • Robin's level is a parody of the Super Mario Bros franchise.
    • References include bricks, snails hiding in their shells when stomped on (referencing Koopa Troopas), and entering pipes.
  • Cyborg's level is a parody of Spy Hunter.
  • Raven's level is a parody of the Pac-Man franchise.
    • Circle Guy (the character) is a reference of the titular character, and Circle Gal resembles Ms. Pac-Man.
  • Beast Boy's level appears to be a parody of Frogger, due to Beast Boy turning into a frog.
    • It also was a parody of Crossy Road, because he turned into a chicken (Crossy Road's main character) to cross the road.
    • It also appears to be a reference to the popular "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke.


  • Beast Boy is given seven lives in his game, but dies more than seven times.


Video Game References title card
The Image Gallery for Video Game References may be viewed here.


  1. Allstetter, Rob (2015-04-01). Teen Titans Go! Episodes for April. Comics Continuum. Retrieved on April 4, 2015.


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