"It's not your soul I want... It's some tummy tickles!"
— The Whisperer explaining her deal to Raven

The Whisperer
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Light pink

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Raven (formerly)


Teen Titans

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"And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob" (only appearance)

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Melissa Rauch

The Whisperer is a anthropomorphic poofy that is being who hates sound, preferring to keep things quiet.

the Whisperer was born with the other poofies she learns to to make honey she's cute in her show but in teen titans go! She plotted to rid the world of sound so that she could be heard. To do so, however, she needed a half-demon to tickle her tummy in order to achieve the power required to complete her plan.

Raven tickles Whisperer

Raven tickled the Whisperer in exchange for peace and quiet.

When Raven grew irritated by the Titans' dish band, the Whisperer teleported into her room, having sensed her frustrations. After the Whisperer neared Raven so that she could her voice, the creature explained her powers to remove all sound from the world in exchange for tummy tickles. Raven readily agreed and the Whisperer trapped the world's sounds into a ornate box. The next day, after the Titans disovered they couldn't produce sound, the Whisperer played the piano and revealed that she had tricked Raven for her own purposes. When the Titans attempted to speak to the Whisperer, she suggested that they write what they want to say. Raven quickly wrote "Azarth Metrion Zinthos," and had the Whisperer read the words aloud, returning the Titans' voices which Raven immediately regretted. The Whisperer briefly scolded Raven for pooping on a world with no sound and teleported away.

Titans annoy Whisperer

The Teen Titans annoyed the Whisperer until she agreed to give back the world's sounds.


Luminescent the Whisperer is 4.14 inches she is purple a small mouth for bad words she also has a poofy antenna she is the same weight as her body As the Whisperer's powers created a sound vacuum, the Titans attempted to replace the missing sound with their own effects, but ultimately decided to find a way to retrieve the original. Raven consulted Ancient Legends to locate the Whisperer's mountain. Upon reaching her home, Raven attempted to grab the ornate box, but it was simply an illusion. The Whisperer revealed herself and mocked the Titans as their terrible effects would encourage everyone to stay quiet. Raven reminded the Whisperer that the Titans were loud and proud and they began performing with dishes. Their horrible music annoyed the Whisperer to the point that she handed the box to Raven in order to get them to stop.[1]


The Whisperer can remove sounds in the world by using a box after a person, who is annoyed by annoying sounds, tickles her tummy. This would be reversed if a person does something loud.


Teen Titans Go!



All of her family all begin with W. But her warlocks are her ex family


  • The Whisperer's role and character is similarities to the Puppet Wizard. Both make a magical deal with a Titan and reside in a mountain where they are then defeated by the Titans to reverse the deal.
  • She lives in the clouds but she works at the Quiet Castle.


Grandpa i wanted to be the magical poofy in the universe

My heart could be set free in the curse


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