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"Oh, you beautiful, leathery, little book. You're finally going to validate me as the most popular Teen Titan!"

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"Yearbook Madness"




Original air date

14 May 2015

Running Time

11:12 (minutes)


1.564 (million)

Production number


Produced by
Written by

Merrill Hagan

Directed by

Jeff Mednikow

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"Head Fruit"


"Beast Man"

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New Teen Titans Go! Clip Yearbook Madness

"Yearbook Madness" is the forty-third episode of Season 2 of Teen Titans Go! and the ninety-fifth episode overall. It was originally scheduled to air on 19 February 2015,[1] but was rescheduled and aired on 14 May 2015 on Cartoon Network.


Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to make a yearbook for the Titans.[2]


Starfire, Robin, and Raven are relaxing on the couch when Cyborg and Beast Boy approach them and tell them of their idea to create yearbooks for the Teen Titans. They explain to Starfire that a yearbook captures memories of their adventures throughout a year in the form of pictures. Raven shoots down their idea, claiming that yearbooks are only popularity contests that leave people with hurt feelings. Mesmerized by the words "popularity contest," Robin imagines a yearbook where he is the most popular. He decides that a yearbook is the perfect way to prove his achievements and show that he is socially superior to the other Titans. Starfire asks what the first day of creating a yearbook is and Beast Boy and Cyborg answer that it's picture day.

During picture day, Cyborg takes pictures of a sleeping Silkie before switching over to Starfire. He styles her hair into an '80s hairdo and then calls Beast Boy in, who transforms into a tiger. Raven is next, but she refuses to take off her hood despite Cyborg's goading. Eventually, she snaps and screeches at him. Cyborg then takes a picture of his robotic body and then his head before Robin comes in. Cyborg tells Robin to smile, but he refuses, saying that cool kids don't smile. Cyborg decides to use a yellow toy bird to get Robin to smile and succeeds, much to Robin’s horror.

At the kitchen table, Robin laments his horrible picture but tells himself that it's only one out thousand of pictures in the yearbook. Raven reiterates that she said yearbooks were a bad idea. Starfire, confused about the amount of pictures in a yearbook, is informed by Robin that it can include pictures of all his clubs. Beast Boy tells Robin that he isn't in any clubs, but Robin claims that he is in clubs even if he is the only member in them. Cyborg says that there has to at least be two people in order to constitute as a club and Beast Boy gives an example by revealing that he and Cyborg are members of the Pancake Appreciation Society where they launch into a song about their love for pancakes. Raven tells them that their club isn't real, but Cyborg repeats his claim that clubs only need two members. As such, Starfire decides that they all form clubs.

The Titans, save Robin, form clubs featuring two or more members and are added to the yearbook. Beast Boy apologizes to Robin for his clubs not working out, but Robin begins talking with his hands, treating them as members. Raven tells the Titans that she was worried Robin's need to prove he's superior would drive him crazy, but Robin claims he's a shoo-in for winning categories such as most likely to succeed. Beast Boy asks what makes him more capable of winning then the rest of the Titans, and Robin tells them to watch him. After much thinking, Robin glances at his boots and begins designing some which he calls Boots by Robin. While initially starting off a failure, his business begins to boom until he creates a factory right by Titans Tower. He goes up to his teammates and tells them that since he started a multimillion boot industry, he deserves the most likely to succeed award. However, Beast Boy reminds him that since he's already succeeded, he can't be most likely to succeed. Sighing in defeat, Robin blows up his boot factory.

After the yearbooks are processed and shipped, Beast Boy and Cyborg announce their arrival and Robin greedily grabs one from them. Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven look through their yearbooks and celebrate their pictures. Robin orders them for silence as he flips through the pages, but becomes enraged upon realizing that he's only on one page. Raven informs the others that Robin is suffering yearbook madness as he fumes. He reassures himself by claiming that the true test of popularity comes from how many signatures are in the yearbook and yells at the Titans to sign his book. However, he psyches himself out by saying that the Titans are afraid he'll get more signatures then them and are refusing to sign because of their envy. Claiming that he doesn't need their signatures, Robin runs to the window but slams into it repeatedly. He blows it up with a birdarang and jumps out of the tower.

Robin runs around the city, getting Aqualad, Más y Menos, and Bumblebee to sign it at Yum Yum Kitty Diner. He heads to the Batcave and has a sleeping Batman sign it before going to H.I.V.E. Tower where he forces Gizmo, Billy Numerous, and Mammoth to sign his yearbook. He returns to the tower and begins bragging about his numerous signatures until he looks into Starfire's yearbook, which is scribbled with signatures. Robin questions where the signatures came from and Starfire answers that the heroes heard about the yearbooks and wanted to sign them. Robin is shocked that they didn't have to scream or beat them to sign the books and Beast Boy explains that the heroes just like them. Robin, determined to get more signatures, begins to have his voices sign the yearbooks until Cyborg tells him that it's not a popularity contest. Robin disagrees with Cyborg and decides that he must be in the yearbook. Starfire reminds him that he has the one awkward photo, but Robin clarifies by saying he needs Raven to transport him into the yearbook's pages. Raven refuses and instructs him to take deep breaths. After doing so, Robin asks if he can sign Raven's yearbook and asks her to read what he wrote aloud. Having signed "Azarath Metrion Zinthos", Raven reads it aloud and Robin is transported into the yearbook. He travels through the yearbook's pages as the Titans watch from the couch. Starfire asks if they can save him, and Raven claims that they can but asks if they really want to. As Robin cheers that he won the yearbook, Raven uses her soul-self to close the book.

Afterwards, the episode ends with the Titans' yearbook photos placed beside descriptions of what they did – Starfire opened a school on Tamaran teaching English as a Second Language, Raven succumbs to Trigon's dark influence and enslaves the universe, Cyborg appears as himself in two blockbuster feature films, Beast Boy eats chocolate and dies, and Robin is indicted on multiple counts of embezzlement and racketeering after he destroyed the Boots by Robin factory and his present whereabouts are unknown


For a full transcript of "Yearbook Madness", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking roles
Billy Numerous
Más y Menos
Pictured only
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • This episode was originally set to air on 19 February 2015 but was replaced with "Hose Water".[1]
  • This episode aired exactly one year after "Real Magic" and two years after "Dude Relax" and "Laundry Day".
  • Running Gags: Beast Boy and Cyborg taking turns saying a word in a sentence. Robin's obsession with being popular.
  • Deaths: Beast Boy is reported to have died after eating chocolate.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "Head Fruit".
  • At 1.564 million views, this is the lowest rated episode of Season 2.



  • The people who signed Starfire's yearbook are: Alfred, Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen), Green Lanterns (Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner), Green Arrow, Mr. Freeze, The Flash, Batman, Captain Cold, Aquaman, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Black Canary, Batgirl, Bane, Red Hood, Krypto the Super Dog, Wonder Woman, Damian Wayne, Blue Beetle and Haunted Tank.
  • The people who signed Raven's yearbook are: Robin, Superman, Darkseid, Batman and Bruce Wayne (treated as separate signatures), Ra's Al Ghul, Etrigan, Bizzaro, Super Boy, Aqualad, Rorschach (Watchmen), The Comedian (Watchmen), The Riddler (according to Superman).



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