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"Your employment with the Teen Titans is officially terminated."
Robin firing Beast Boy.

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"You're Fired!"




Original air date

25 June 2013

Running Time

11:13 (minutes)


1.562 (million)

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Produced by
Written by

Steve Borst

Directed by

Luke Cormican

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Teen Titans Go! You're Fired Clip

"You're Fired!" is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of Teen Titans Go!, and the fourteenth episode overall. It first aired on 25 June 2013 on Cartoon Network.


Beast Boy's poor job performance leads to his being fired from the Titans. After auditioning possible replacements, they hire a pair of shape-shifting twins to take Beast Boy's place.[1]


The Teen Titans are preparing for a fight against Plasmus, who is occupying himself by destroying a planet. They march into battle, but Beast Boy does not join the clash as he is thinking about which animal to transform into. The other Titans encourage him to make any decision, and he finally decides to transform into a llama as the planet is destroyed.

Back at the tower, Beast Boy is approached by Robin and Gayle from Human Resources who inform him that he has been fired. Gayle hands him a pink slip, but Beast Boy objects to his termination of the team claiming everyone messes up, but realizes he has messed up far too much. Robin reveals Beast Boy cannot be a Titan since he has forgotten what it means to be a hero. Depressed, Beast Boy takes his belongings and leaves the tower. As soon as he leaves, the other Titans, except Cyborg, drop their masks of sadness and decide to look for a new member specializing in animal powers.

At the Teen Titans Try-Outs, Vixen is the first to apply for the position. Robin reveals her talent as mimicking animal talents and sounds which Cyborg classifies as lame. Vixen copies a rabbit's talents and jumps high into the air, but Cyborg dubs her performance lame. She then mimics a falcon and flies around the stage ignoring Cyborg's insults. Robin declares her the newest member of the Titans, but Vixen proceeds to eat a worm, disgusting them. The next applicant is the B'wana Beast, but his name causes a chain of insults from Cyborg. Robin silences the Titan and the B'wana Beast displays his power by mutating Silkie and Vixen's rabbit into one. Disgusted, the Titans send him on his way.

Detective Chimp arrives on stage but he is quickly rejected by Robin and Cyborg. Beast Boy, disguised with a bikini-drawn box, arrives as "Beast Babe," but Robin immediately declines his audition by springing him into the air. The final applicants, Jayna and Zan introduce themselves as the Wonder Twins and show off their powers. Impressed by Jayna's transformation into a tiger, the Teen Titans agree to hire her, but not Zan as he only transforms into forms of water such as ice or gas. However, as the two need each other to activate their powers, they hire Zan as their receptionist.

Zan is annoyed by his job as a caller keeps wondering about the location of Batman. Jayna enters the tower in the midst of a battle and turns into a kangaroo before hopping away to help the Titans. Zan's annoyance and hatred for his job increases as the person calls once again. At Burger Tower, Cyborg and Beast Boy are having lunch, which Beast Boy thinks is a meeting to discuss his reinstatement as a Titan. Cyborg declines and lists Jayna's strengths, but Beast Boy ignores him and interprets the discussion as a suggestion to sabotage Jayna in order to secure his old job. To accomplish this, Beast Boy travels to the tower to recruit Zan into helping him fire Jayna. Zan expresses his hatred for the job, but denies Beast Boy's offer. The former Titan taunts the Wonder Boy, and Zan agrees to help.

Jayna enters the office to activate her powers only to find Zan missing. The other Titans, battered and bruised, enter with annoyance on their face. In Jump City, Jayna drags Zan along with her when Robin notices a disturbance on the other side of the town. Needing to move quick, the Titans race to the scene. However, Beast Boy, disguised as a bee, whispers sloth into Jayna's ear, influencing her choice. She struggles to move, but the Titans explode and land on her feet. They head out to fight Plasmus where Jayna transforms into a rhino, but Zan morphs into ice. Slipping, Jayna crashes into the Titans, knocking them onto a brick wall.

At the tower, Beast Boy announces his return, but is met with the confused looks of the Titans. Raven asks why he is at the tower and Beast Boy answers by stating he thought they needed his heroic powers since Jayna is always messing up. Starfire reveals "the useless Wonder Twin" told them about their involvement in Janya's mistakes. Enraged by Starfire's comment and disgusted by Cyborg's feet in his water form, Zan announces his decision to quit and travels to the bathroom where he reveals his desire to join the ocean and flushes himself down the toliet.

Robin reveals if they do not stop Zan before he reaches the sea, it will be impossible to find him. Beast Boy offers to swim after him but takes his time deciding into an animal to transform into. He settles on a fish and Raven happily flushes him. Beast Boy travels the sewer as Zan jumps into the ocean, but the former Titan transforms into a pelican, storing Zan inside his beak. Zan desperately tries to escape as Beast Boy returns him to the tower. Robin congratulates Beast Boy, stating he has proved himself a hero. The Titans say good-bye to the Wonder Twins as Jayna and Zan transform into an octopus and an ice unicycle, respectively. Cyborg and Raven exchange quizzical looks as the octopus rides the ice unicycle into the ocean. Beast Boy asks Robin if his status as a hero allows him to return to his old job. Robin reveals he has another position in mind for him. Beast Boy, as a receptionist, answers a call and claims to be Batman as he twirls his chair around.


For a full transcript of "You're Fired!", click here.

Cast and characters

Voice actor Character
Greg Cipes Beast Boy
Scott Menville Robin
Detective Chimp  
Khary Payton Cyborg
Tara Strong Raven
Hynden Walch Starfire
Non-speaking roles
B'wana Beast  
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



  • The Wonder Twins originated from the 1980's show, Super Friends.
  • Vixen and B'wana Beast are more commonly associated with the Justice League.
  • Cyborg is revealed to be able to remove his robotic feet as he was soaking his human feet in Zan's water form.
  • Raven's life-long dream to flush Beast Boy down a toilet comes true in this episode.
  • Running Gag: Zan kept telling someone on the phone that they weren't calling the Bat Cave. At the end, Beast Boy says that it is the Batcave, and that Batman was speaking.
  • This episode aired with a rerun of "The Date".


  • Beast Boy is fired again ("Pie Bros").


Zan's DCUbook

DCUbook's references.

  • A caller asks for Batman and the Batcave.
  • The following appear on Zan's DCUbook (a parody of Facebook):
    • An advertisement for Swim Lessons With Aquaman.
    • Robin's account as Boy Wonder, that says "fighting crime like a boss LOL!!!."
    • Batman's account as The Bat comments, "Good work, old chum!" (à la Adam West).
    • An advertisement for Want Super Abs references Superman.
    • The Joker and Two-Face are referenced by their avatars.
  • The planet's explosion mirrors the explosion of the planet Zebes in the Metroid series.
  • Jayna's octopus form riding Zan's ice unicycle form is a reference to the Super Friends episode, "The Stowaways from Space."


  • After the first sabotage, Zan is shown to be hiding as water in a fishbowl with Beast Boy as the fish. However, he did not transform with Jayna's help prior to that. This could be because Jayna went to him prior to that, and Zan stayed in water form.


You're Fired! title card
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